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Reviving a Community-Arcadia Round Barn Details

LOCATION: Arcadia, Oklahoma


CATEGORY: Community

BOOK: Design Studio Four

Get your kicks on more than 400 miles of the historic U.S. Route 66 in Oklahoma. The nation’s longest driveable stretch of Route 66 cuts through Oklahoma, making its way past charming towns, roadside diners and quirky attractions. In Oklahoma, it is possible to stay on Route 66 without ever hitting the Interstate (with the exception of a short segment around Oklahoma City).

One of those quirky attractions along Route 66 is the Round Barn in Arcadia. Looking over the Deep Fork river valley, the Round Barn has been a community gather place and “stopover” curiosity for over a 100 years. In 1898, William Harrison Odor began construction of his 60 foot diameter by 43 feet tall barn. The barn was built out of native burr oak timbers that were soaked in water until soft and then forced into curves for the walls and rafters. When construction was completed in 1898, as you might think, the barn housed hay, grain, and livestock. Historically however, the barn served other functions. A second level was incorporatd for use as a community gathering place and dance hall. Its popularity drew crowds and musicians to Arcadia from a wide area because of its flexibility and acoustics.

This project as a way to expand the presence of the barn while protecting it's historical connection to Route 66. The barn is the gateway to the community of Arcadia and the people who drive along the route, by tapping into that energy through the restoration of a rural, iconic music venue in the hopes that musical "sessions" and "stop-overs" both begin to happen more in Oklahoma.

With new entertainment spaces like a beer garden and amphitheater, along with a new complex of buildings next to Route 66 and the Barn, a community of festivals and music sessions is revived in Arcadia, all while keeping careful attention to its history and culture through local materials and humble constructions.

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    ARCH 3116 - Performing Arts Center, Connecting a Community, 2018

Project PDF's:

Reviving a Community-Project Concept (PDF, 907 KB)
Reviving a Community-Interpretive Center (PDF, Large File 1.99 MB)
Reviving a Community-Music Store (PDF, Large File 3.28 MB)
Reviving a Community-Pub and Restaurant (PDF, Large File 4.10 MB)
Reviving a Community-Stopover Housing (PDF, Large File 2.54 MB)


  • Preserve "The Round Barn" enhancing the visitor experience and accessibility.
  • Provide multiple options for musical gatherings that build on the traditions of the "session" and "stop over"
  • Enhance and the urban retail fabric of the historic Arcadia core.
  • Provide musicians the option for an overnight stay.
  • Provide a larger performance venue for "Stop Over" Festivals to be used periodically.
  • Existing Parking lot to the north of the Round Barn which provides parking for approximately 40 cars can be maintained or reconfigured but car count must be equivalent.
  • Develop on-street parking along the west side of North Main Street.
  • When considering a Stop Over Festival, master plan an area that would work for temporary festival parking Service / Trash.
  • Pub / Restaurant receives deliveries every day which should have direct access to storage areas.
  • Trash disposal will be provided for with the use of roll-out dumpsters via Main Street. Consider screening possibilities.
  • The Round Barn also has service delivery needs for events. Consider an area for this to be provided for via parking lot.
  • Efforts should be made to consider the natural surroundings preserving specimen trees and natural drainage.
  • Design a smaller outdoor performance area that has relationships to both the Round Barn and the Pub / Restaurant. This area is for small groups (5-10 people). A designated stage area of approximately 150 sf should be planned for. The associated seating area should support approximately 100 spectators in amphitheater style seating.
  • An outdoor area associated with the Pub / Restaurant which could also be open for Round Barn picnics Stop Over Field and Festival Stage.
  • Master plan area for a Festival Stop Over. This area should consider parking, camping, control gate, spectator area, and Stop Over stage area.